Get Up and Go!

I’ve seen and heard several young people question their preparedness and qualifications to lead change-making initiatives across the world, because they consider themselves, and are considered by others to be too young and inexperienced. Might I ask, when will you be better equipped to be… Read More »Get Up and Go!

BBC Newsday – 15 May 2013

In this podcast, I joined the BBC World Service to discuss the State of Emergency imposed by Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, in three northern states of the country, after weeks of violence. In the conversation, I reflected on the different times in which a similar… Read More »BBC Newsday – 15 May 2013

The Power of ONE: Fred Swaniker’s Audacious Mission to Transform Africa

Has anyone ever attempted to paint a picture of a hardworking, determined global change-maker, without preconceived biases? We all have. Barring any sophisticated scientific postulations, our ideal change maker has the stern face of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the intimidating physique of Michael Jordan,… Read More »The Power of ONE: Fred Swaniker’s Audacious Mission to Transform Africa

Is Ohimai Crazy?

  • Nigeria

There are two young Nigerians whom other young Nigerians love to hate – Reno Omokri and Ohimai Godwin Amaize. There are several reasons why they are hated, but among the top reasons are their perceived excessive vocalizations of the Jonathan administration’s agenda, their insistence that… Read More »Is Ohimai Crazy?