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Faith is an entrepreneur, project manager, international affairs analyst, writer and speaker. In his early career in print and radio journalism, he interviewed numerous personalities including Nobel Laureates, Wole Soyinka and Leymah Gbowee. Today, he provides socio-political commentary for global news outlets like the BBC, South African Broadcasting Corporation and others.

At African Leadership Academy, he served as a member of the Executive team overseeing Communications, Marketing, Program Recruitment and Partnerships, and identifying young global leaders for the Academy’s leadership programs. In 2013, he founded the ALA Model African Union and in 2016, he founded Future Africa, creating platforms for developing the continent’s future public sector leaders.

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ThinkTank is a leadership and strategic advisory firm, equipping leaders, entrepreneurs and teams with creative problem solving strategies. We believe that leadership is best developed through a consistent loop of practice, reflection and feedback. Our approach utilizes design thinking and strategic planning principles to empower leaders to maximize impact.

Executive Track is a leadership development podcast designed for emerging executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors, or anyone seeking to accelerate their career trajectory. Drawing from personal experiences, world-leading research and the perspectives of other leaders, Faith Abiodun presents ground-breaking ideas in a uniquely-relatable style.

The Speech Academy is a leading institute training individuals and organizations in elocution, accent softening, public speaking, presentation skills and executive presence. Since 2009, we have trained more than 5,000 people, including business executives, corporate lawyers, university lecturers, undergraduates and school pupils, to deliver effective communications.

FrameWork operates alongside high potential start-up ventures and non-profit organizations to enable optimal performance and generate desirable results. FrameWork’s suite of advisory services is built on three core components: strategic planning, executive leadership and micro-financing; with a focus on strengthening leadership in founder-led organizations.

Future Africa was founded to enable long-term political and economic stability in Africa by entrenching a robust system of citizen collaboration with governments, and preparing future generations of high impact leaders for the public sector. Our model empowers leaders to explore public policies, develop innovative solutions and engage decisively with systems.

Mentoring: Faith Abiodun has mentored hundreds of young leaders and entrepreneurs across Africa and beyond, through varying stages of personal and professional success. Through direct conversations, rigorous analysis and targeted solutions, Faith guides his mentees to discover personal strengths, reflect on opportunities for growth and take action to lead impactful lives.

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"Faith Abiodun is an exceptional and gifted individual who is very resourceful and talented. His outstanding innovative ideas, analytic writings, and eloquent speeches not only engages everyone but makes him stand out among his peers. It would be to your advantage if you have him working for you!"

Dr. Omotola Akinsola - Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University
"Faith is an eloquent speaker, and it has always been fun listening to him. He is passionate about the causes he believes in, and has contributed enormously to the multi-cultural group at Maxwell. I wish him all the success in his life." ​
Namrata Padhi - Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public affairs, Syracuse University, NY
“Faith is a go-getter who is passionate about mobilizing people to create change in their communities. I had the pleasure of partnering with Faith on a couple of youth enterprise development initiatives. His diligence, leadership, and unswerving determination to make a mark on the world are just a few of the qualities I admire about him. "
Simi Lawoyin - Education Consultant, Dallas, TX

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Faith Abiodun
Faith Abiodun14 hours ago
The memories which I see clearly in my rear-view mirror are crystal: things I have been privileged to do, places I have been, people I have met and times that seemed to last forever. I am thankful for the many experiences I have had that have shaped the person I am today. I would honestly change absolutely nothing about the road I have travelled, because it doesn’t matter exactly what I did; it matters that I did some things and I learned from them.

I can’t believe it’s almost four years since I wrote this reflection.
Faith Abiodun
Faith Abiodun1 day ago
I remember that time when I was debating the merits of technology in classrooms on a radio station in Botswana a few years ago. As is the case in many schools, technology was outlawed for students during the school day, and the debate spilled over into society. I argued that it was an unsustainable policy in the long-run because we (young people inclusive) are all perpetually drawn towards our devices, so perhaps we should be helping them use it responsibly rather than tell them to shut off their roving minds for more than half the day.

The debate around technology will never end, I guess, but considering that nearly every wellness program tries to get us to use less of it, while social networks are configured to keep us glued to it, we appear to be caught in a perpetual tussle.

How is this working in your life? Who is winning?
1 week ago
You’re either chasing something, or something is chasing you – in some cases, it could be both. Whatever your motivation, you can’t afford to stop. Let’s get to work.
1 week ago
In 2018, 1.57m Nigerians wrote WAEC; 1.06m of them scored 5 credits including Maths. Unless universities absorb them or they get jobs, they're done. Yet, we must not simply turn out graduates, we must develop an education system that encourages thought, innovation and practice.
1 week ago
What if students took two years of the most relevant university courses, spent two years in the workforce, then came back to write final exams, being assessed on the relevance of concepts learned in the real world. Will this cause a much-needed revision of university curriculums?
1 week ago
Thought from 3 years ago: “Those who've made a career out of bashing the youth fail to realize that each generation engages with the world the way they find it; our generation is engaging with an internet-driven world created by the same people who blame us for utilizing it.
1 week ago
Considering the number of church buildings that sit empty for 90% of a week while we complain that govts aren't building schools, imagine teachers who could be employed; students who could be reached; businesses that could be patronized…


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