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Faith is an education and social enterprise leader, international affairs analyst, writer and speaker. In his early career in print and radio journalism, he interviewed numerous personalities including Nobel Laureates, Wole Soyinka and Leymah Gbowee. Today, he provides socio-political commentary for global news outlets like the BBC, South African Broadcasting Corporation and others.

At African Leadership Academy, he served on the Executive team overseeing Communications, Marketing, Program Recruitment and Partnerships, leading the search for thousands of young global leaders for the Academy’s programmes annually. In 2013, he founded the ALA Model African Union and in 2016, he founded Future Africa, creating platforms for developing the continent’s future public sector leaders.

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Future Africa was founded to enable long-term political and economic stability in Africa by entrenching a robust system of citizen collaboration with governments, and preparing future generations of high impact leaders for the public sector. Our model empowers leaders to explore public policies, develop innovative solutions and engage decisively with systems.

ThinkTank is a leadership and strategic advisory firm, equipping leaders, entrepreneurs and teams with creative problem solving strategies. We believe that leadership is best developed through a consistent loop of practice, reflection and feedback. Our approach utilizes design thinking and strategic planning principles to empower leaders to maximize impact.

The Speech Academy is a communications and leadership training institute equipping individuals and organizations with skills in elocution, public speaking, presentation and executive presence. Since 2009, we have trained more than 5,000 people, including business executives, corporate lawyers, university lecturers, undergraduates and school pupils, to deliver effective communications.

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"Faith Abiodun is an exceptional and gifted individual who is very resourceful and talented. His outstanding innovative ideas, analytic writings, and eloquent speeches not only engages everyone but makes him stand out among his peers. It would be to your advantage if you have him working for you!"

Dr. Omotola Akinsola - Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University
"Faith is an eloquent speaker, and it has always been fun listening to him. He is passionate about the causes he believes in, and has contributed enormously to the multi-cultural group at Maxwell. I wish him all the success in his life." ​
Namrata Padhi - Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public affairs, Syracuse University, NY
“Faith is a go-getter who is passionate about mobilizing people to create change in their communities. I had the pleasure of partnering with Faith on a couple of youth enterprise development initiatives. His diligence, leadership, and unswerving determination to make a mark on the world are just a few of the qualities I admire about him. "
Simi Lawoyin - Education Consultant, Dallas, TX

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Faith Abiodun
Faith Abiodun1 week ago
LONDON, 21 September 2021 - This UWC Day 2021, UWC (United World Colleges) International is delighted to announce the appointment of Faith Abiodun as its next Executive Director.
Faith Abiodun
Faith Abiodun1 week ago
In June 2007, I walked into Dr Reuben Abati's office at The Guardian and muttered the words "Sir, I would love to interview Wole Soyinka".

Suddenly, I felt my knees weaken beneath me as it dawned on me that I was probably asking for a dragon's tooth. I shouldn't have had the audacity to say such things as a rookie reporter, but then I watched the most unbelievable act play out before my eyes. Dr Abati quietly picked a scrap piece of paper, scribbled something and handed the paper to me. I was stunned. I had just been given the keys to the kingdom!

I ran to my desk, typed up a long email and went home, unable to sleep easily through the night. The following morning, I arrived at work to see that my email had been replied within 10 minutes. My interview was guaranteed to happen. Five months later, it happened!

Every time I think back to that moment (and that happens very often), I am reminded that Dr Abati did not have to do what he did. He was incredibly kind to an upcoming journalist. I therefore find it so easy to do the same for others when I have the privilege. Whether or not you have had your Dr Abati, you can help to make the world a better place by extending your influence to help someone up the ladder of life.

Just do it. ✔️
1 week ago
To be for others what we wish someone was for us - that is the greatest form of significance in life.
4 months ago
We have a tendency to become very enthusiastic about the things that we commit time and effort to achieving. Your passion grows as you encounter progress.

So, maybe stop waiting around for your passion to magically become profitable. Develop your passion, don't follow it.
7 months ago
You need to put in the work. Invest in learning - read, dig deep, ask questions, seek out more information, don't stop. And when you've learned enough, take some action.

Remember - nothing changes over time; things only change when determined people take deliberate actions.

8 months ago
How are you choosing to engage with the process of reforming your country and our continent? The socio-political and economic development of our continent is a participatory sport. We cannot complain our way into a different future - we need to put in the work.
#Africa #Youth
8 months ago
"If you can only be tall because somebody is on their knees, then you have a serious problem" - Toni Morrison

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