Let’s Educate Africa

Many writers and scholars have identified the failure of leadership (political and otherwise) as the greatest challenge facing Africa, but I’ll differ in identifying the lack of qualitative education as Africa’s greatest challenge – and conversely, her greatest opportunity. Politically, leadership has failed time and again, for several reasons – the prevalence of greed among our rulers, the lack of… Read More »Let’s Educate Africa

The Failure of Logic

I have never been a big fan of arithmetic but I never doubted my teachers when they insisted that 2+2 = 4. In my elementary Geography class, I was taught that the higher you go, the cooler it becomes. Also, general knowledge has it that if you dip your hand into a pot of boiling water, you would end up… Read More »The Failure of Logic

Crisis in the Village!

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These last couple of weeks, my mind has been fixated on the fate of black people at home and in the Diaspora, particularly in the United States of America. “The curse of complexion”, “The definition of black” and many other titles have jostled for top spot in my mind. African-Americans…I see them everyday; I live around them; I unwillingly inhale… Read More »Crisis in the Village!

Away with the Statistics!

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of statistics. I’m frustrated with the numbers that describe human casualties all over the world. Whenever disaster strikes, as it almost always does, our pain is submerged in the statistics. The numbers seem to take away our individual grief and we just seem to move on. Away with the statistics!… Read More »Away with the Statistics!

Something beyond you…

At about 4:15am today, I turned my TV on as I prepared for bed after a long night of reading. I intended to watch Jersey Shore or something more fun so I switched to BET. The look on the little girl’s face sent shockwaves to my brain. I was transfixed. The scene didn’t last long as the voice of actress… Read More »Something beyond you…

What’s Next?

On Saturday 23rd July 2011, I had the privilege of speaking to a diverse audience of high school students, college students and mid-career professionals in Philadelphia, USA on the subject “What’s Next?” This is a question which inevitably pops up at every point in life when a person begins to feel dissatisfied with the status quo. For the average high… Read More »What’s Next?

The Traffic Light

At about 9:35pm on Thursday 14th July 2011, I took the 20-minute walk from the Academic Village in the Maxwell School of Syracuse University to my house on Lexington Avenue. Just 5 minutes into the walk, on Walnut Avenue, I passed a traffic light. As expected, I paused to check all sides of the road to be sure that it… Read More »The Traffic Light

Public Speaking

He lived from 106-43 B.C. He was a statesman and famous Roman orator, but he was not born that way. Cicero worked his way to the top; defying the odds and challenging the status quo, which dictated to all his predecessors. In Rome, when he grew up, there were limitations on the ambitions of every young person, especially those who… Read More »Public Speaking

Who Says You Can’t?

  Being text of a lecture delivered by Mr. Faith T. Abiodun at the 16th Annual Founder’s Day Public Lecture of The Vale College, Ibadan on Wednesday 2nd June 2010. COURTESIES I am most delighted and humbled to stand before you this day on this wonderful occasion of the celebration of the successful attainment of 16 fruitful years dedicated to… Read More »Who Says You Can’t?