Be Wary, Young Innocent Gentleman

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Be careful, dear innocent, humble, hardworking, conscientious gentleman.

Be very careful of the help you offer and eventually render to that fragile, heartbroken young lady.

Think carefully before offering your strong shoulder for her sobbing eyes and weary head.

Think very carefully about the words of advice you give to help re-mould her shattered heart.

Be afraid, for in the fullness of time, she will fall in love with you.

She will be smitten with you, by virtue of your handsome face and kind heart.

She will ask you for a friendship; a sustained friendship that will grow wings in the shortest span and evolve into a romantic relationship.

In your heart of hearts, you will fight all thoughts of succumbing to her devices, but you will turn around and rationalize your actions.

You will tell yourself that you’ve been doing this for a long time, and you’ve always stuck to your guns. You’re a very moral person.

“I understand the inner workings of the minds of ladies”, you will tell yourself.

She will persist in her demands, not just with words, but with her actions.

You will attempt to ‘read’ her, and resist her, but you will then find yourself thinking about her more frequently than ever before.

You will remind yourself that you’re only trying to help her get over her current condition, and you will soon move on from her life.

She will, and you will be scared of the possibility of such a commitment, but because of her importunity, you will consent.

You will consent because you’re very generous and kind, and you don’t want to let her down.

You will succumb to her wiles and decide to play along, to much discomfort on your part, but much delight on hers.

Life will move on, as usual, except that your heart rate will gradually increase every passing day.

You will try to cover your tracks everywhere you go in order to avoid exposing anything you’re consciously or unconsciously doing.

People will gradually notice that you both spend increasingly more time together in public, but you’ve got a ready alibi; you’re her new shrink!

But then one day… one fateful day, the truth will be let out. People will figure things out.

They will realize that you both are more than doctor and patient; you’ve become ‘an item’.

Your intentions will be questioned. You will defend yourself… in vain.

Intentions will be thrown out of the window, flushed down the toilet drain.

You will be vilified.

“You exploited her fragility and capitalized on her emotional weakness”, they will say.

“You knew that she will fall for you, and so you patted her on the shoulder and encouraged her to let her emotions out. You told her it was okay to cry. Tears are natural, you said”.

“You did this on purpose! You’re an evil, despicable, and shameless creature”.

You will be embarrassed. You will be put to shame.

She will get a move on. Once again, she will attract the pity of the world.

Your reputation will be vanquished, and your moral standards will be brought down to earth.

You will be humbled for the rest of your life.

You will never be the same again.

So, my dear innocent, humble, hardworking, conscientious gentleman,

Be very careful what you do in lowliness of heart.

For good intentions alone do not suffice. They never have. They never will.

Guard your heart with all diligence, and keep your morals as a book always before your eyes.

Follow your intentions with consistent actions.

Let no man find anything evil to say of you.

Be wary, gentleman. Be wary.

(c) Faith Abiodun

October 2012

7 thoughts on “Be Wary, Young Innocent Gentleman”

  1. Mr Faith, how have you been? back in the country? I am serving in kebbi and enjoying it. like to hear from you. stil remember my teacher with fond memories.08057233913

  2. Good write-up is a long time, how is everything going over there….. on the write-up; sound more like a story of my life. Seriously i never knew what i was in for until i was really “messed-up”

  3. Well, Faith, I think you understand the problem a little. With the increasing call on Ladies to go for young guys with great future prospect, your young innocent gentleman has become a soft target for a wide variety of ladies that now see him as an ideal husband. Recently, it has gone beyond just enticement through the means you described above to include real harassment and in some cases blackmail. Your young innocent gentlemen must learn to, while being gentle as a dove, be also as wise as a serpent.

  4. Hi Faith, your write up is solid,profound and genuine!A simple ,clear,didactic,helpful piece you’ve got there!…Unfortunately,i am pure reflection of ur…so help me,God!

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