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I have delivered keynote speeches at conferences, fundraisers, gala dinners and corporate events on multiple continents. I also regularly honour invitations to deliver presentations at seminars on topics ranging from leadership and purpose to career development, entrepreneurship, the international political economy, and everything in between. With a blend of personal experiences, data-driven analysis and interdisciplinary synthesis, a good dose of humour and a persuasive style, I know how to get to the heart of an issue and move an audience to action.

Executive Coaching

Every executive needs a coach, whether in the corporate sector, the non-profit sector or in navigating the world of entrepreneurship. There are critical perspectives that corporate leaders can gain from entrepreneurs, and there are valuable lessons for entrepreneurs to learn from the corporate world. I have thrived in both spaces, and I bring that unique lens to bear in coaching leaders to maximize individual and collective performance.

Strategic Planning for SMEs and NGOs

Starting my career as a young entrepreneur, I fell into the trap that many entrepreneurs still fall into today – running with nothing more than a great idea and lots of enthusiasm. To build ventures that last, SMEs and NGOs need to develop a theory of change, a leadership framework and a strategic plan. Without these, your venture is likely to join the ever-growing statistic of failed enterprises. I can help you translate your great ideas into an implementable and sustainable plan.

Corporate Trainings

One of the secrets of high performing organizations is that they consistently invest in upskilling their teams. I cherish every opportunity that I get to facilitate a workshop on team-building, communications, strategy or leadership. These passions, combined with my years of experience in sales and marketing, and my background as a multiple-award winning public speaker are guaranteed to transform your corporate retreat into a skills development festival.

Writing & Editing

I cut my teeth in the corporate world, first as a journalist, then as an editor and then as a communications executive. Along the way, I contributed op-eds to several national dailies and periodic publications, eventually becoming a columnist for a highly reputable international magazine in New York. While I continue to publish on my own blog and slow walk myself towards publishing a book, I am keen to contribute an article to your magazine, or a chapter to your book. I know how the English Language works.

Get in Touch

Send me a message at faith.abiodun@gmail.com, or complete the form below to let me know how I could be of service to you.