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I am often invited to deliver speeches at conferences and seminars or to contribute opinions on a wide variety of topics through TV/radio interviews. I could be a guest on a radio show discussing socio-political happenings in Africa, or delivering a keynote address at a global development conference, or hosting my own podcast, Executive Track. You will find below a sample set of recordings from various events.

Speeches & Interviews

UWC-USA 2022 Graduation Ceremony Address

In May 2022, I was graduation speaker at UWC-USA, at the end of a really challenging year for the school. Having been evacuated weeks earlier from the most devastating wildfire to have hit the region in decades, I honoured the resilience of the graduating class while reminding them of the poignant words of UWC’s founder, Kurt Hahn – “You are needed…” 

UWC Thailand: My Vision for UWC Moving Forward

In April 2022, at the culmination of a three-day visit to UWC Thailand, I addressed the community of students, teachers, parents and supporters, speaking about my vision for the UWC movement, while honouring the unique journey of UWC Thailand. I celebrated the school’s unique programme centred on mindfulness and wellbeing, and socio-emotional learning.

UWC South East Asia 50th Anniversary Forum

In April 2022, I spoke in Singapore at the 50th anniversary Forum of UWC South East Asia: Learning to Shape the Future. My keynote address on the theme: Commitment to Change contrasted the realities of 1971 when the college was founded and 2022 as it celebrates 50 years. As the world changes, UWC’s education model promotes a sense of agency and possibility in its students. 

UWC Costa Rica 15th Anniversary Speech

In March 2022, I joined the UWC Costa Rica community in celebrating the 15th anniversary of the college’s founding. In my speech, I honoured the college for their commitment to sustainability, decolonizing education and  promoting peace through education, particularly referencing current geo-political realities and the enduring relevance of the UWC mission.

Celebrating the UWC Mission: UWCSEA at 50!

In December 2021, in my first official event as incoming Executive Director of the United World Colleges (UWC) International, I joined the President of UWCSEA (Singapore), Carma Elliot, and two students, Ruth and Anthony, for a wide-ranging conversation about the future of education, and the place of the UWC movement in helping to shape that future.

Imagining a Resilient Future: Equality, Safety & Health

In March 2021, I was keynote speaker at Georgetown University Qatar’s 16th Model United Nations Conference. I addressed some of the growing inequities in the world, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need a new generation of leaders whose courage, ideas and optimism can help to reimagine our world.

Understanding Development in Africa

In February 2021, I spoke with Dr Sabith Khan at California Lutheran University, sharing perspectives on development in Africa for his PA 582 graduate course on Understanding Development. I shared the conundrum of classifying countries as developed or otherwise based on material and intangible indices.

Lessons from the Black Lives Matter Movement

In June 2020, I joined News Decoder to discuss lessons for young people around the world from the Black Lives Matter movement. I emphasized that while street protests are powerful, young people must commit themselves firstly to learn, then to take action to create sustainable change.

CAF 2018: Populism and the Future of Politics

In November 2018, I spoke on a panel titled “Populism and the Future of Politics” at the Common Action Forum. I stressed that right wing populism seeks to polarize populations and weaken centrists. I advocated for political schools that train future public sector leaders, and more media responsibility. 

ALA Model African Union 2017 Opening Speech

In March 2017, I spoke at the annual ALA Model African conference, urging the more than 250 young leaders from across the world to act with a sense of urgency in developing proposed solutions for Africa’s challenges. I stressed that we cannot afford to wait for them to become cynical about Africa’s future.

Interview with Al Sharq Youth Forum, Istanbul

In April 2016, I joined more than 500 young leaders from all over the Middle East for the third Al Sharq Youth Forum. In this interview, I reflected on the unmatched energy and passion for change that I saw in the region’s youth and challenged them to take concrete action to drive the region forward.

ALA Model African Union 2016 Opening Speech

In March 2016, I spoke to a hall full of young African and global leaders at the third ALA Model African Union conference, commending them for being radical enough to believe that their work can change Africa. Speaking directly to non-Africans, I reminded them that Africa will not grow in a vacuum.

World Innovation Summit for Education 2014

At the conclusion of a year-long fellowship with the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), I presented Passion to Profession at the 2014 WISE Summit, inviting businesses and foundations to collaborate to deliver a revolutionary career development platform for youth in Bangladesh.

ALA Model African Union 2014 Opening Speech

In April 2014, I spoke at the inaugural conference of the ALA Model African Union, encouraging young African leaders to take inspiration from pioneers who looked past debilitating circumstances to deliver independence for African nations. I emphasized that idealism is the parent of all innovation.

Radio/Podcast Interviews

Podcast: Executive Track

Executive Track is a leadership development podcast designed for emerging executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors, or anyone else seeking to accelerate their careers. Faith Abiodun is an entrepreneur, project manager, writer and speaker. Building on a successful career in journalism, nonprofit management and education, he served as an Executive at African Leadership Academy, overseeing Communications, Marketing, Program Recruitment and Partnerships. This podcast draws from his professional journey and those of other corporate leaders.
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