In The End

You hate to fail.

You cannot stand the pain of disappointment.

You work very hard and push yourself to the farthest limits, because you’ve tasted victory once in life, and you want that same taste over and over again.

You have the best work ethic anyone can aspire to, and your incredible skills are designed to bring you great results time and again.


But it doesn’t always work that way.

From time to time, life throws a clog in your wheels and you’re grounded to a screeching halt.

Your highest desires are suspended on the railings of fate, as you grapple with lowly thoughts of how much more you could have done, and what else could have been.

You sink to the deepest depths of regret, and you curse your bad luck.


If only every attempt we make yields the best results;

If only every investment brings a great windfall of wealth;

If only every planting season gives birth to a great harvest;

If only, but not always.


There will be disappointments in life, as sure as night and day.

There will be painful occurrences, but there will be celebrations also.

The only failure is the failure to try, and the true measure of success is how we deal with disappointments.

As the Indians say, “everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not alright, it is surely not the end”.


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