If Not For ‘Okada’

Now that Governor Babtunde Fashola has concluded that the next phase of the ‘remodelling Lagos project’ is the eradication of commercial motorcycles from the streets of Lagos, the debate about whether he actually is a hero or villain inevitably resurfaces. In all honesty, no one… Read More »If Not For ‘Okada’

The Law is still an Ass

  • Life

I’ve never been a big fan of lawyers, though I’ve always maintained professional respect for the ‘learned ones’. That particular phrase, ‘learned ones’ is precisely the reason I retain a secret sense of disgust for lawyers. Even first-year law students are seen to wear an… Read More »The Law is still an Ass

Pains we live with

Every Nigerian who has had the privilege to travel out of the country (whether to Ghana or Russia) knows the pains of being a Nigerian, and every Nigerian who has a relative who has enjoyed such privileges has at least heard about the countless headaches… Read More »Pains we live with