Forget the African Gold

Everybody loves gold. It sparkles, glitters, beautifies everything around it, adorns the lives of its users, and most importantly enhances the economic and social stratifications of the world; gold separates the ‘haves’ from the ‘have-nots’. Ever since gold was discovered in the world about 7000… Read More »Forget the African Gold

One Moment In Time

I found myself fortuitously recalling some of the greatest moments of the late Whitney Houston last weekend, and I couldn’t stop myself from singing along to some of my favourites – ‘where do broken hearts go’, ‘greatest love of all’, and ‘one moment in time’.… Read More »One Moment In Time

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

I’m a bit-part soccer fan. Thirteen years of supporting Arsenal Football Club does that to you. Over the last six years, my love for one particular soccer club has waned significantly, but my interest in the game remains strong as ever. As a consequence, I’ll… Read More »You’ll Never Walk Alone!

In The End

You hate to fail. You cannot stand the pain of disappointment. You work very hard and push yourself to the farthest limits, because you’ve tasted victory once in life, and you want that same taste over and over again. You have the best work ethic… Read More »In The End

Get Up and Go!

I’ve seen and heard several young people question their preparedness and qualifications to lead change-making initiatives across the world, because they consider themselves, and are considered by others to be too young and inexperienced. Might I ask, when will you be better equipped to be… Read More »Get Up and Go!