We are the minority!

One of my favourite movies of all time was Slumdog Millionaire. I loved that movie, not only because it was filmed in India, a country I’m so fascinated by; not only because it talked about the unwitting intelligence of a young man, an idea that inspires me; not only because it affirmed the truth that love could run away forever… Read More »We are the minority!

Let’s Educate Africa

Many writers and scholars have identified the failure of leadership (political and otherwise) as the greatest challenge facing Africa, but I’ll differ in identifying the lack of qualitative education as Africa’s greatest challenge – and conversely, her greatest opportunity. Politically, leadership has failed time and again, for several reasons – the prevalence of greed among our rulers, the lack of… Read More »Let’s Educate Africa

Something beyond you…

At about 4:15am today, I turned my TV on as I prepared for bed after a long night of reading. I intended to watch Jersey Shore or something more fun so I switched to BET. The look on the little girl’s face sent shockwaves to my brain. I was transfixed. The scene didn’t last long as the voice of actress… Read More »Something beyond you…