Get Up and Go!

I’ve seen and heard several young people question their preparedness and qualifications to lead change-making initiatives across the world, because they consider themselves, and are considered by others to be too young and inexperienced.

Might I ask, when will you be better equipped to be a changemaker than when you are young and idealistic? Idealism is the parent of all innovation; that unquestionable belief that things can change and that you’re capable of spurring that change is the key prerequisite for innovation.

The message is simple: don’t let anyone look down on you because of your youth. If there’s an idea burning in your heart, get up and start designing a means of implementation, because you’ll never be more qualified or prepared to do it than you are right now. Moments of obligation shouldn’t be missed.

Get up and go!

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  1. Irekpita says:

    Exactly, idealism is the parent of innovation. To every youth out there; if not now, when?

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